Roger Peck


Roger Peck has been a Country Music fan for over 40 years. My tastes are wide from the classic traditional sounds to the modern-day chart music.

I am pleased to see British Country becoming more popular and I present a 2 hour weekly show simply called British Country Music Show. It is mostly modern tracks but I try to include two classic track per show. I also aim to have a featured album each week and most weeks I have an interview with a British artists showcasing their music and new releases.

I also present a one hour weekly Sounds Americana show giving me the chance to play a wide range of Americana and non-chart country sounds.

You can hear Roger on Thursdays Part 1 at 5pm, Friday 1 am and 9 am Part 2 Friday 3pm, Sat 3 am

Sounds Americana Saturday 11 pm and Sunday 11 am

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