Welcome to the Award Winning CMR Nashville, the longest-running 24/7 Country Music Radio Station in the UK.

CMR Nashville is recognised as Europe’s #1 Country Music Radio Station which was founded by Lee Williams over 20 Years Ago.

The station prides itself in having one of the most diverse selection of programmes by World Class presenters. We also pride ourselves having only presented led programmes without the use of automation software. There is not a daily playlist, but a varied selection of programmes featuring many styles of Country Music.

Our Shows are produced and delivered from many parts of the world including the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Ireland, and the UK where the station is based. We are proud to offer exclusively in Europe from the USA, CDTex from Texas, Texas Country Countdown, Café Nashville, Steve Warren’s Golden Oldies, The American Radio Trucker Show, The legendary Emperor Rosko with Coast To Coast from LA, Woodsongs Old Time  Radio Hour from Kentucky, plus many other shows from the other countries that cover Americana, Bluegrass, and Indie. New shows are added periodically.

CMA International Broadcaster Lee Williams produces a 2 hour show weekly which is also networked to 22 other stations around the Globe including Nashville. He also hosts The CM&T Radio Show playing the audio of the best Country Videos available

Other International CMA Broadcasters include Stuart Cameron with his Hotdisc European Top 40 and The UK & Irish Top 10, Tim Rogers with Classic Country and Willie Morgan with our own CMR Nashville Top 20.

We also feature our top three Albums of the week with David Lovell on his daily Album Zone which also features album tracks from other current releases. Check our schedule out for all our shows, times, and presenters.

We repeat all the shows to accommodate all the time zones around the world. Mon – Thursday every 8 hours, and Fri- Sun every 12 hours. All schedules start at 12 noon UK time. We definitely cater for all tastes of Country Music.

Support CMR Nashville and get one of our Free Car Stickers or merchandise including T/Shirts, Polo Shirts, Hoodies and so much more. email info@cmrnashville.net

For artists and labels who require regular airplay, we have various advertising and sponsorship packages. email info@cmrnashville.net for details. The same email applies to all forms of advertising for products, services, tours, festivals, concerts etc.

Artists and labels looking for airplay send your mp3 to studio@cmrnashville.net

We have our own App which you can download for free from IOS or Android for your smart phone or tablet

You can also get us on any smart speaker ask Alexa etc Play CMR Nashville on Tune In