Django Promotions

Welcome to Django Promotions the Award Winning Radio, Media Promotions and Artist Development Company.

Lee Williams is sole owner and founder of Django Promotions which has been running for over 20 years. CMR Nashville is a trading name within the group.

Django Promotions organises all the advertising, sponsorship, and promotion for CMR Nashville. Details on request from

We run monthly promotions for new country music releases and supply over 1000 stations, DJs, and journalists across the UK, Ireland, and Europe. We include a track on the renowned Hotdisc either a Premier or regular slot along with airplay on CMR Nashville at least 8 plays a day for the life of the single (usually 10 weeks +) and active banners on our site with a link to Itunes or preferred site. There is a weekly Top 40 and a UK & Irish Top 10. Both charts have a network TV and Radio Show. At anyone time we have at least 12 artists in the Top 40 along with many in the Top 10 with regular #1s. Details and Price list available from

We also have another radio promotion for singles and albums aimed at mainstream radio in the UK, concentrating on The BBC, FM, AM, DAB, and leading online stations. This is a two month campaign with interview opportunities that will be available either live or by Zoom, Skype, or telephone. Details on request either email or telephone +44(0) 7956 888587.

Artist development is available to artists that are looking for direction and representation. With over 40 years of experience we are here to help. Same contact details as above.