Mark Dare


Mark Dare has been a music fan pretty much all of his life . His first experience of Country Music was listening to the late, great Glenn Campbell at the Royal Albert Hall in 1977 during his ‘Southern Nights’ tour, and he’s had the pleasure of listening to Glenn’s youngest daughter Ashley perform at CMA Fest in 2016, and also a few times live in the UK since then.


Nowadays he is an avid fan of the UK and Irish modern-day Country scene, as well as latest releases from around the world of most genres.


“I’ve only relatively recently delved into our homegrown Country talents…it has been eye opening!!! There are some truly stunning musicians and story tellers within our local area, and I’m very happy to help represent these artists on air. Most are independent, unsigned artists so I’m personally honoured to be able to give them as much publicity as I’m able to do.”


The shows will consist of some of the very latest releases from our UK and Irish artists, and will cover the myriad of forms of Country Music that exists within our shores.


Expect some interviews, session recordings…but mainly just great music!



The show will be split into 2 parts (UK times)


Part 1:  Thursday 5pm, repeated Friday 1 am and 9 am


Part 2:  Friday 3pm, Sat 3 am